Five essential photography sites you need to visit

13-Jul-2012 @ 11:45

The internet is an awesome resource for photography, but you’re a busy Weekend Photographer and want to follow the most important sites (alongside this one!) to get the most from your time.  I use the web for two main purposes: Inspiration and Tuition, and wanted to share with you five of my favourite photography sites.



500px is full of eye-candy; I’ve little doubt it’s one of the most high quality collections of photography on the web.  The sheer volume of high standard work is staggering.  Content is continuously updated by the vast user base and the front page displays what’s in vogue that day.  My favourite section is definitely the landscapes page; photos here are always beautifully crafted, and are certainly some of the most inspiring I’ve seen on the web.  You can follow me on 500px here.


StuckInCustoms is another of my absolute favourite sites.  Trey Ratcliff is a genius photographer and web guru, who writes as well as he shoots.  I know that HDR isn’t for everyone, but if you are into it, and want to see the best on the web, then this is the place to do it.  Alongside his great photos are witty stories and a huge amount of inspiration for HDR and portraiture, as well as the world famous free HDR tutorial.


Chase Jarvis is a visionary photographer who delivers thought provoking articles about the artform and business of photography plus cool behind the scenes shots of his own projects.  He regularly holds video hangouts with some huge names in photography and music (and many other disciplines) providing a close up look at how successful artists achieve their vision.  What I’ve learnt from his site has been that we have the freedom to try anything with photography; I’ve been encouraged to develop my own style (although it’s still a work in progress) and to imitate others and be inspired by art from a whole range of sources.  For the Weekend Photographer Chases’ advice about forming a vision having focus in what you shoot is indispensible for making the most of your weekend sessions.



My first port of call when I want to learn something new about photography is always Digital Photography School.  As you’d expect from the title, it’s one of the premier photography skills sites on the web and you can find tips for all skill levels and genres.  They attract guest posts from a huge range of photographers giving advice and tuition on all aspects of photography, which is why it has such a massive readership.  If you want to improve your knowledge on techniques, gear or post-processing you’re sure to find it on DPS.


Scott Kelby is one of the greatest photography teachers on the web today.  Not only is he a best selling author of a whole range of books, he’s also an expert in Photoshop and Lightroom who’s live tours and seminars sell like hot cakes.  Scott’s site covers a range of things, my favourite of which is Guest Blog Wednesday when famous and soon-to-be-famous photographers, editors, software designers and videographers are given the platform to educate people about their work and the techniques and vision it takes to make great photography.


So there you have it, may take on the five best photography resources on the web today.  If you think I’ve missed anything please feel free to comment, I’d love to learn more about your favourite sites!