Where to share: Getting your photos seen online

16-Nov-2012 @ 14:59

Sharing photos is one of the greatest things about photography, and thanks to our digital age its super-easy to get your shots out there via the big wide world of the internet.  However, choosing where to share can be a ridiculously complicated ordeal.  In fact there are over 3 billion results for “photo sharing” on Google!

Quite frankly its difficult to know where to start.  Today I’m going to go over just how I choose where to share my images to get them exposed to the right people.

A small caveat before we being; this is just my opinion, there are tonnes of ways to do this, and what might work well for me won’t necessarily work well for you, so keep an open mind and feel free to add your thoughts in the comments!

My images get shared in three main places.  Whilst I’ve got accounts with a whole host of sites including Flickr, Smugmug, and Pbase I tend to mainly use 500px, Facebook and Instagramfor the majority of sharing.  Choosing where to put photos is important; if you try and update everything under the sun it gets messy quickly.  Its important to think about who your audience is with any sharing method.  I’ve settled on a simple sharing set up that works for three different audiences, hopefully giving me maximum exposure.


West Lakes Dog Training Club Agility Show August 2012

Sharing with friends and family

Facebook is my go to site for showing photos to my friends and family.  I know exactly who can see my photos because I’ve conquered the complicated privacy settings.  Everyone can comment and show appreciation easily, and its easy for people to follow what I’m up to and where I’ve been.

Facebook does have downsides, the constant updates to the interface aren’t always appreciated and there are still privacy issuesregarding use of information and advertising.  However for quickly uploading holiday photos to a large audience of people I know Facebook is difficult to beat.


You can see this photo on 500px here!

Sharing my best photos

For my absolute favourite shots I use 500px.  Not only is it an essential site for inspiration, its also a great way to show off photos to other photographers.  The platform is great for organising images into groups if you’ve got a Awesome or Plus account, but its a great opportunity to get your photos seen alongside some of the richest content on the web.

Obviously its very difficult to get onto the elusive frontpage without posting a flawless image.  But I have had some success with a couple of images, and its definitely a great feeling getting lots of notification emails telling you people have left nice comments.

Sharing photos from my phone

“The best camera is the one that’s with you” a wise man said (and made a book out of it!)  Like the rest of the world I carry my smartphone everywhere.  Its easier to wield than my DSLR and I can share photos online literally as I take them.  My app of choice is Instagram, I use it pretty often and I love it.  Its not something I’d class as super hard-core photography, but its perfect for fun snaps of food and dogs from weekend escapades with my wife.

Its great to share a hobby and show off your creative side! By putting just a little bit of thought into where your photos go online you can maximise your exposure and hopefully build some great relationships with others through your imagery as well.