Best of the Weekend Photographer 2012

31-Dec-2012 @ 17:21

I’ve picked out some highlights covered on my little corner of the internet, which I present to you in my Best of the Weekend Photographer 2012 post! I hope you’ve enjoyed the past 6 months of the Weekend Photographer and continue to stop by in 2013 where I’m looking to keep improving my photography and your’s.

tWP Highlights

My first, obvious, highlight has been launching my revamped blog as the Weekend Photographer and beginning to enjoy writing and sharing my photography again. Secondly I’ve finally put together a portfolio, and started selling my work online! Whilst I haven’t been out taking as many photos this year (just under 4500), I do feel like I’ve increased the proportion of photos I’m particularly proud of. Below is my best of 2012 gallery with my favourite photo from each month, click on the individual thumbnails for a larger view.


On a personal level I did a little bit of travelling this year, visiting Rome & Florence. I also made the annual pilgrimage to the Lake District, capturing some great sunsets along the way. I got a new job and have really enjoyed our first 12 months back in Yorkshire. One of my aims for 2013 is to explore more of Yorkshire and its beautiful landscapes and tasty food!

Favourite posts of 2012

  • Where to Share – A goal of mine was to get my photography seen this year. Through the tips I’ve given in this post I successfully started created a portfolio and made sure the people I was closest to got to see my favourite work.
  • How I Got the Shot: Colosseum in Rome – Through tWP I wanted to share exactly what I go through when I take photos, and how to maximise getting good shots in minimal time. My How I Got the Shot series worked pretty well for this and I’ll be picking it up again in the New Year.
  • Walking the Yorkshire Three Peaks: More Time Lapses – I started meddling in the dark art of time lapse photography this year, hoping to follow in the footsteps of some of the great short films you see on Vimeo I realised its incredibly difficult and requires an awful lot of planning and skill to execute well. However, I did come back for another go, and in this post showed how to build on the basic techniques I’d picked up from my first attempt.

So there ends another year as a Weekend Photographer. I hope everyone enjoy’s New Year’s Eve and has a happy and prosperous 2013!