5 Awesome Photographers on Instagram

15-Feb-2013 @ 12:27

Instagram has a distinctly polar reputation; its either a great place to showcase what mobile phone photography is capable of, or a repository of over-edited photos of food and cats. I believe the former and think it’s a genuinely neat way to check out photos. It can be quite difficult to find photographers who post consistently high quality work (sometimes they cheat and don’t use phones!) so I have taken the liberty of picking 5 accounts who always come up with the goods.


Charlie Hamilton-James is an award winning British photographer and film maker. His photos are guaranteed to put a smile on your face with stunning wildlife shots or pictures of his beloved dog Dave. His personal website is here.


Karine Aigner is a former National Geographic picture editor and photographer. His stream is a mix of photos raising publicity for ecological and humanitarian causes, plus occasional pet shots! His portfolio is also well worth a visit; link here.


Chris McVeigh (PowerPig) likes lego and is a constant source of great looking model portraiture. Highly recommended if you still love Star Wars!


In the same vein, Mike Ruby (Rubicantekid) uses paper figures to provide a microsized commentary on life, often with amusing results.


Better known for their pint sized, near-indestructable video cameras, GoPro are your go-to source of epic adventure shots of sun, sea, surf, snow or trails.

So that’s a flavour of some of the best quality photos you’ll find on Instagram, if you’ve got any other awesome accounts I’ve missed share them in the comments! And of course you can follow me as well for photos of food and dogs.