Eiffel Tower in the Snow
A couple of weeks ago I spent some time in Paris on the tourist trail admiring the fabulous architecture and eating as many pastries as possible. It snowed for the entire second day of our trip, which was very pretty without causing total traffic chaos like we suffer here in the UK. However, I did notice a slight issue with snow when I got home and transferred 4GB of photos into Lightroom.

Snow. On the front element of my wide angle lens.

Now I thought I’d managed to wipe most of it off at several points in the day. But I was sorely mistaken; apparently the inside of my coat sleeve was not sufficient to mop up all the moisture from the glass on my lens. Fortunately the photos aren’t ruined, just not as technically crisp as I’d envisaged them. But they could have been a whole lot better hand I bothered to use my specific lens wiping cloth which I carry in my bag for such an occasion! D’oh.

I’m still going through my post processing, but here’s my favourite shot I grabbed with my phone to bring some visual spectacle to this post and hopfeully whet your appetite for more in the near future!