Telling stories

21-Jun-2013 @ 11:35

Toffee Dog

Everyone loves a good story. On the GoodReads Best Books of 2013 list there are no less than 25,140 items listed, when I checked earlier today. The new Superman film opened a week ago. In the UK alone over £11 Million has been spent by people watching the film (according to boxofficemojo).

Suffice to say, lots of people like stories.

I’ve been relatively uninspired/unmotivated with my photography recently. Its difficult to explain why, but it feels like trying to play a sport you played at school once you’re an adult. The familiarity is there, but the execution is lacking.

I think I’ve been missing out on stories in my photos. Taking my camera places and not really capturing anything of note is perfectly normal, but I think the best way to get out of the rut, is to focus on something relatively simple like telling the smallest story possible with a single image.

We’ve been fostering trainee guide dogs since March of this year, which has been a busy but awesome experience. A few weeks ago our first dog left to go to her forever home, so we went for a walk during golden hour across the cricket pitch and down through the common. I had my camera and took the image you see at the top of this post. The story is that this is a happy dog. And I really like the image.

What stories are you telling with your photos?